Lean Legs Workout
Posted on May 25th, 2017 by Krista
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I like to incorporate body weight exercise in between sets! This helps keep your heart rate up so we can burn more fat!
Warm up:
5-10 minutes: Light stretching, static lunges, and body weight squats.  I like to put a little extra focus on my hamstrings and hip flexors since those seem to get really tight on me.  I do some runners lunge stretches and some forward bends to help stretch my hamstrings.  You want to make sure that you really warm up your legs to help prevent injuries like pulled muscles.
Now let’s get to work!
10-15 reps each weighted exercise followed by 15-20 reps of the body weight exercise and repeat 3 times
Set 1:
Romanian Deadlifts or Traditional Deadlifts
Walking Forward Lunges- Body Weight
Set 2:
Leg extensions
Stationary Squats- Body Weight
Set 3:
Seated Leg Press
Bulgarian Split Squat- Body Weight
Set 4:
Weighted Step Ups
Backward Stepping Lunges- Body Weight
Set 5:
Traditional Squat- Narrow Stance
Curtsey Squats- Body Weight
Set 6:
Goblet Squats
Goblet Squats- Body Weight
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