As my weight went up, I began accruing more health problems.  Then when I saw the scale almost hit 300 lb I knew I had to do something. 
     With my girlfriend as motivation, I decided I have going to start eating healthy and lose some weight.  I thought eating healthy was eating tiny portions and eating lots of chicken and salads.  This worked for a little while but then grew so tiresome.  I was so sick of eating chicken and a salad every night for dinner, and always feeling hungry.  Also, I figured that there was no way I was getting a good balance of nutrients eating the same thing every day, and I knew there had to be a better way. 
     I knew other people who had success with Fit and Fare, but I was still expecting it to be like all of the other fad diets.  However, with some gentle encouragement from my girlfriend, I skeptically signed up. Oh Boy was I surprised.  Not only was I still getting to eat food that I really liked but I was getting so much more of it than I was on my previous "diet".  I wasn't spending my days hungry, and the plan was just so easy.  I found myself looking forward to seeing what was on my next meal plan.  I quickly blew past my first goal and my second, and my third. 
     Now I am only a couple of pounds from my final goal of 210 lb and I am lighter than I have been since high school.  I  talk about Coach Krista with KK Method to everyone I know because I have trouble believing my own results sometimes. - Phil M.
I did a 4-week meal plan with Krista. In following her plan, I lost more than 6 inches in 4 weeks. The recipes were delicious, easy, and filling. Krista was so easy to work with, as she was able to create healthier alternatives for my favorite meals and create a meal plan to accommodate my likes and dislikes. She was always flexible, and available to answer questions and encourage me through the process. I would highly recommend her program!- Courtney B.
     I reached out to Krista when I started to gain weight through graduate school and was becoming very uncomfortable. I was between doing the Whole 30 or trying the Nutritionist route. I was able to chat with Krista and talk to her about my goals, and even told her I was thinking about the Whole 30.
     What I appreciated the most was that she did not discourage me from doing it, she told me the pros and the cons of the diet and how she can help better my eating choices without all the restrictions of Whole 30 but was supportive in whichever way I went.
     I decided to sign up with Krista and I have never looked back!! She gives us good food, listens to our requests, works with recipes we already have, and works on our favorite foods. She never makes me feel bad about making unhealthy choices, having a cheat meal, or gaining weight. She is always encouraging and the first to remind me that weight fluctuates and to not be discouraged. This is truly a way of eating healthy, eating good tasting food, and not being hungry! - Britney C.
     I worked so hard to get to a weight I was comfortable with. 157. My magic number. After struggling with weight a majority of my life, I found Visalus, running, and new love.
     Two summers later, I was introduced to Coach Krista with KK Method and started macro-based meal plans. I was holding a steady weight but was more toned than I had ever been! I had lost inches, gained muscle, and felt great! Wedding ready for sure!
     Our wedding had come and gone and before we knew it we were expecting baby Liam. I went from running and working out 4 to 5 times a week to sick every night and not being able to retain much food. Two days before delivery, I weighed in at 187 lbs. This was a weight I had passed NOT pregnant, so I was pretty happy weight-wise. But losing baby weight weighs heavy on a new mom. You're not supposed to work out for 6 to 8 weeks. WHOA...what's going to happen? I wondered if I would be that mom that produces so much milk, the weight falls off? Nope. Would I be the mom that didn't have to work for losing weight? Absolutely Not.
     Two weeks post-delivery I stepped on my grandma's scale...because it was out and I was curious. I was back down to 167. How did I drop 20 lbs without trying!? I was so impressed and excited. But two years later, I'm still holding 167.  Baby weight is hard. And it's always on your mind. You're a new mom, doing new things...with a living accessory! Finding time to work out is a new amenity that you have to make time for. When I wasn't able to work out at the gym as I wanted, I canceled my membership.  Now I find the time to get in a workout WHEN I CAN. Some days and months are harder than others...but I manage. As a new mom, there's so much more occupying your mind that sometimes you forget about your needs. After 2 years, this is my biggest struggle. My magic number is still 10 lbs away...sometimes 5...As a new mom, you've just received the best give you can ever have. A new life. You made this! Your body deserves a break and you can flaunt the extra pounds for a few extra months. You worked hard for 9 months. Give yourself a break. Not everyone is going to bounce right back (as much as we would like). You'll get there. With having a baby comes a changed schedule. You have to take the time to find the new you. The new schedule. The new everything. It's a long road. It's hard work. But it's worth it. I've learned to focus on more of what I consume vs logging hours of workouts. Enjoy the blessing. - Leslie M.