Did you "fail" this year?

Dec 30, 2021


It's almost a new year! Another year is done and over, it's time to check in on how you are doing with your goals! How did you do this year?
If you are crushing it and kicking your goals in the face, I am proud of you! If you are struggling to meet your goals? Let me help.
I'm here to tell you, YOU didn’t fail. YOUR PLAN failed you. 
When I start working with new clients they are so eager to CHANGE EVERYTHING. I have to stop them and say, no, we are starting small. A complete lifestyle change is only sustainable if you take small steps at a time.
We cant jump into the deep end if we don’t know how to swim, you will struggle and then float but eventually sink. So 2021 didn’t go as planned, ok. Instead of creating new goals, let’s stop. Evaluate. Adjust our existing goals. And then try again.
YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Just like anything else, you need time, patience, and consistency.
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 -Coach Krista