Eating On The Go

Jun 01, 2022

Can you imagine NEVER eating out again? Yeah me neither!

I know eating out can be a challenge if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, so let me break it down for you!

When eating out, the portions are out of control, and there are a ton of sneaky hidden calories that add up fast! Choosing balanced foods will not only help keep you fuller longer, but your waistline will also thank you too! When looking at a meal, try to break down the components into one of the 3 categories to see what you are getting.


Choosing a balanced meal includes:



Increase the Protein

When Protein is the most expensive ingredient, so the servings are usually on the smaller side. Don't be afraid to ask for an extra serving! Most restaurants now have their higher protein options highlighted, but if you are unsure just ask.

Choose the Right Carbs

I am not in the camp of cutting carbs, but when eating out, they are usually given in huge portions. To make your meal more balanced, look at how many different carb sources you are eating with each meal.

  1. You could ask for a lettuce wrap instead of the bun or just eat the bottom portion.  Sandwiches are often underfilled with protein, so you could choose to cut the sandwich in half and just put all the insides on the other half.
  2. If dinner rolls are tempting, ask for a side salad to start so you can eat something healthy instead of filling up on bread and butter.
  3. There are usually 3 different options for potatoes and one green veggie when it comes to side dishes.  Ask to swap one of the sides for a salad, or order double veggies instead.

Decrease the Fat

Calories from fat add up quickly but can be easily tamed with a few modifications.

  1. Ask for condiments on the side, butter, salad dressings, mayo, aioli, etc.  That way, you can control how much you add to your dish.

  2.  Ask for your food to be prepared without butter or oil.  Think of a greasy spoon diner, when your eggs are swimming in butter?  Instead, ask if they will use a cooking spray, which cuts down on lots of calories.  1 tablespoon of added canola oil is an extra 130 calories! 

  3.  Look for items that are grilled, baked, or blacked.  These foods also mean they are not prepared with added oils.  Blackened is probably my favorite!  The seasoning adds a ton of flavor!

At the end of the day, get food that you enjoy that makes you FEEL good.  The worst thing is when you go out to eat and then feel miserable after.  Not every day is a YOLO treat meal. These tips are meant to be used when you are trying to eat healthy on the go! 

Remember, you are what you eat; you can choose what you are made of!



12 count grilled nuggets with superfood side.





6-inch flatbread with double turkey, no cheese, and all the veggies.  Top with mustard.






 Double chicken bowl, half rice, half beans, fajita veggies, salsa, and lettuce.  Ask for fresh lime and cilantro!





 Grilled Chicken sandwich with no mayo, side salad, and chili.






Reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich or the egg white bites.





 Egg white breakfast sandwich, no cheese, sausage.