3 Ingredient Recipes

Feb 10, 2022

We are 30 days into the new year.  How are you doing?  Are you sticking to the promises you've made for yourself?  Are you finding different aspects challenging?

Many of us want to learn to eat better in general, not just in the new year, but eating healthy can be hard and overwhelming.  This month I created some healthy meal ideas with 3 ingredients or less!  This was a bit more challenging than I initially anticipated, but I just went back to the basics, and these are the foods that I eat regularly!

Here they are!

Brownie Pancakes!

These dark chocolate chip pancakes literally taste like brownies to me. I don't even need syrup. They are packed with protein and whole grains to keep you full and satisfied. Even your pickiest eaters will enjoy these. I personally just mix them with water, but if you'd like to bump up the protein even more, then you can use milk and an egg!

Pancakes are one of those things that can be a little time-consuming, so while you have everything out to make them, just make the whole box. Use them for breakfasts throughout the week or freeze them for a later date. But by making the mess just once, you are saving yourself time in the future.

KK Method Tip: Since I am making these for meal prep during the week, I am choosing to pair them with hard-boiled eggs and center-cut bacon.

I cook my bacon in the oven on a large sheet tray to keep the mess down on my stove, and to cook it all at once. I then just drain on a paper towel and use it throughout the week.

Egg Roll in a Bowl

This recipe I stole from my friend Abby who likes to make more Asian flavored recipes. She came to my house once and made it for me and I was hooked.

Start by browning the meat in the pan. You can choose whichever meat you'd like, ground pork has the most flavor in my opinion, but ground chicken would work too if you are looking for a lower fat option.

Once the meat is browned and no longer pink then add the coleslaw or broccoli slaw mix. Saute until mostly cooked. I do like to take it off while there is still a little crunch there, but again, just personal preference.

Top with soy sauce or this Asian Sesame Dressing and Marinade.

Chili Baked Potatoes

This should be another crowd pleaser!

Chili baked potatoes! Bake your potatoes to your liking. Any potato will work, but I like Russet Potatoes for these!

Warm up the chili and top the potato! Cook up some frozen veggies and serve it on the side!

This would also be the perfect base recipe for a baked potato bar-style dinner! I was just trying to keep to the 3 ingredients theme here 🙂


Berry Shortcakes (I used strawberries.)

I know this is not really a "meal idea", but they were too good to leave out!

I am trying to build my dessert section up, so here is another quick and easy meal idea, no cooking involved.

Take the premade dessert shell, top with cool whip, then add fresh berries!

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could macerate the berries with a little sugar or use frozen berries and cook them in a saucepan until they became more "jelly" like.

Regardless, this is still a quick and easy recipe for when you want something sweet, but don't want to derail your whole day!