Here's the game plan!

tips and tricks Dec 02, 2021

One of the biggest reasons why people fail is the game plan. Being prepared for the weeks ahead is going to be crucial. So, here are the 4 things you need to look out for...


#1 Get your water bottle ready

This means having it picked out, washed, and ready to be filled on Tuesday. You are more likely to drink your 60 oz if you have your bottle handy.

*I tend to recommend a 32 oz. bottle. That way your goal will be to drink 2 bottles a day.

#2 Plan your meals for the week

Grab all your fruits and vegetables for the week while you are grocery shopping. Whether you decide to meal prep or cook every day, be sure to have frozen options as backups.

*My favorite frozen vegetables are green beans. They not only taste the same, but they also don't lose their texture.

#3 Choose your book

Which book are you reading? I recommend choosing something that you will ENJOY because this is YOUR time!

*Currently, I am reading Atomic Habits! 

#4 Create a game plan 

What does your schedule look like for the week? Try to anticipate any obstacles that will prevent you from getting your workout in.

*Waking up earlier allows me to have time to get everything done before Eva wakes up.


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-Coach Krista