Everything you need to know about protein shakes

protein Feb 14, 2022

You guys know how much I talk about protein and how it's so important, but when it comes to protein supplements, things get VERY confusing.  There are so many different kinds, brands, and flavors, which one is right for you.

In this post, I will tell you all about the different types of protein, and which ones I'd recommend.

Let's talk about the different types first.

Isolate Protein: Fast digesting and great for immediate post-workout. These generally are lactose-free, and those who are sensitive to bloating or digestive issues can tolerate these better. If you have an intense training session, pair this with a simple carbohydrate (like ignition) to allow the nutrients to be transported to your muscles. Isolate is not designed to keep you full. Isolate protein also has the thinnest consistency.


Casein Protein: Slow digesting protein is usually taken before bed. Casein protein will allow for the slow release of protein to help with nighttime recovery and to keep you full during the night. If you are training and dieting and wake up in the middle of the night hungry, this may be for you.  This could also mean that you are undereating during the day.

Casein has the thickest consistency.


Whey Protein: General all-purpose protein. Whey is universal and can be taken anytime to increase your protein intake during the day. If you pair it with some carbs and healthy fats, you will have a great meal replacement shake. The consistency of this varies, many brands will put thickeners in it, but in general, it is the middle of the road.  This is the one that I use most often when ADDING it to oatmeal or pancake batter!


 When I am looking for a protein powder, I look for at least 25g protein and under 6g fat per serving. That way, I can drink it on my way home from the gym or have it as a snack, but it doesn’t take up too many of my macros for the day. I wish I were someone who could drink a shake in the morning and then feel full and satisfied until lunchtime, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  

Last but not least, if it doesn’t taste good, you are not going to want to drink it. Here are some of the ones that I have tried and I have repurchased.


Isolate Protein:


1st Phorm: Phormula-1: This mixes very easily with water. I mix mine with ½ scoop of ignition post-workout. Flavor recommendation: Chocolate Mint Cookie

This is the one that I use immediately post-workout!  This was the first thing from 1stPhorm that I tried and fell in love with.


ISO pure Zero Carb: This mixes very quickly with minimal liquid. I mix mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and pour it over cereal immediately post-workout. Flavor recommendation: Vanilla.


Casein Protein: 

Dymatize Elite Casein: This is the only one that I have found that I like, that does not upset my stomach. I get mine in the vanilla flavor. I find that is the most universal. 


Whey Protein: 

1st Phorm- Level-1: This one is probably the most universal protein powder. You can drink it plain or cook with it. It also blends better into a milkshake-like texture. Flavor recommendation: Ice Cream Sandwich or Vanilla


BSN Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Protein Matrix: Since you cannot buy 1st Phorm in stores, this is the best one that you can find at your local supplement store. Flavor recommendation: Peanut Butter Cookie 


I hope this helps when you are trying to navigate the protein aisle! 


I have tried and repurchased all of these. As you know, 1st Phorn has been my go-to for YEARS. The quality of their products is so much better than so many others out there, and this is why I continue to use their products.