Healthy Eating, Made Simple.

Fall is here and so is my new fall cookbook! 30+ comfort foods but with a healthy twist. (There's even a Starbucks drink section!)

Download the FREE KK Method Cookbook Fall/Winter Edition 2021 to start cooking meals that will help you feel great and reach your health and wellness goals.


Hi, I’m Krista.

I am a registered nurse, personal trainer, and specialist in sports nutrition. I help clients every day reach their goals and improve their relationship with food.

I work with a wide variety of people with different goals and motivations. Some want to simply feel better about themselves and have more energy, others want to improve their health and reduce some of the medications they are on for chronic illness, or lose weight and gain strength so they can feel healthy and confident. So whatever your goals are, you can rest assured that I’ve got it covered.

Download the FREE KK Method Cookbook today to start preparing easy, healthy meals!