My mission is to help men and women who are ready to ditch the diet mentality and feel healthy, strong, confident - while still enjoying the foods they love!

I know how uncertain it can feel to make an investment in yourself, so here are some past client testimonials + results to help guide your decision making process.

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Here’s what my 1:1 health & fitness clients had to say about their experience working together!


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

She is active duty military and a mom. She has tried all the diets and been restricting calories and over-exercising for years. She was frustrated and fed up. She wanted a long term solution to be healthy.


What Rhonda says:

Overall, I am feeling so much better. I am eating more food than ever before!

I have also learned that my body needs rest, and I am losing weight while doing fewer workouts.

I am prioritizing my sleep so I can get up and work out in the morning!

I remember not so long ago taking comfort in food, then starving myself after because I felt so bad about what I was doing.

One of the reasons I chose Coach Krista is because I knew she would have my health in mind.

I knew she would be there for me when other coaches weren’t and I needed that.

Making it a priority!

This means allowing myself the right to go to bed when I need to so I can get back to my am workouts consistently.

Getting it done in the morning sets the tone for the day on a positive note.

It’s so easy to not get up!

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starDropped 11+ pounds

starIncreased her calorie intake

starShe now eats carbs after years of neglecting them

starShe is now focused on building muscle and getting strong

starShe is doing less cardio and maintaining her weight

starShe has a healthy relationship with food and no longer restricts herself



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

I just want to feel better! I’ve got a little bit of baby weight left that I’d like to lose. I used to be really active and I want to get back to that. I also want to make sure I’m setting a healthy example for my kids and don’t feel like I’m doing that now.

After 2 weeks I am definitely more conscious of what I’m eating, making healthier choices when I can! Working on increasing my protein too. I am starting to get back into an exercise routine and it feels SO GOOD.


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client


starLost 19+ lbs

starLost 27+ inches

starDown several clothing sizes and get to go shopping for a new wardrobe!

starReduced caffeine consumption

starSleeping better at night and more energy throughout the day

starAble to run around and play with her kids without being out of breath

starImproved mood and positive outlook on life

What Amy says:

The daily affirmations and priorities list has really kept me grounded and focused.

I start each day with a fresh perspective.

I never did that before. I would hold onto something for days if I had made mistakes.

It’s more than just nutrition coaching, it’s about improving every part of yourself.


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client


What Jozie says:

I wore a pair of pants today that I have not fit into for over a year! I cried a little getting them on, and I honestly had to check the size 5 times! I am down 17.75 inches!

I’m feeling AMAZING!

Adding my workouts in has helped with my mood and getting to sleep as soon as I get in bed. I have more energy this week and just feel good!

Honestly, I’m at the best I’ve been in some time!


starLost 25+ lbs

starMultiple pant sizes lost

starImproved confidence in and out of the gym

starCan go to the gym alone and feel confident

starSaves money on food by going to the store with a plan and cooking at home

starShe is a mom of five and is fitting in clothes she hasn’t been able to since before the 1st set of twins

starIncreased her water intake from 80-120oz per day and is now a regular water drinker

starImproved sleep




1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

What was your favorite meal on the plan? What foods do you want me to keep in your plan?: Favorite meal: Lunch with chipotle turkey balls, cauliflower rice, and broccoli - all if it was soo good!

Other positives: I love how you added a snack box & snack wrap. I tend to do most snacking at night (I have always had to eat something right before bedtime to sleep - but the options helped me not wake up in the middle of the night hungry which I have struggled with in the past).

Side note: if I didn't have the oatmeal for b-fast I sometimes had it as a little meal throughout the day - the option to do that was awesome! Foods to keep: peanut butter substitute, tortilla (it was versatile to mix things up at snack or dinners), fruit


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client


starDown 22+ lbs

starDown 16+ inches

starIncreased strength and endurance

starImproved his heart health and lowered his resting heart rate

starNo longer considering bariatric surgery


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client


starLost 15+ lbs

starLost 15+ inches

starIncreased her calories 500+ to help improve her running performance without gaining weight!

What Marisa says:

Your food plan and guidance are a huge factor in how my run goes.

I have out loud asked myself, “Will this fuel my body and help with my performance? Or will it fail me?”

This has been helping me reach my marathon training goals!



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

You've been so easy to work with and this has been such a good experience! Slowly but surely working my way down the scale. I'd rather do it the right way and take longer than losing fast and not staying with it.



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

Overall feeling great and I have more energy! I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and I am making healthier choices with food. I’ve been able to make some great recipes from the Recipe Vault this week!


1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client


starLost 10+ lbs and 10+ inches

starIncreased her calorie intake to have more energy

starFound a routine that was sustainable for the gym

starBuilt strength and stamina in the gym

starIncreased her water intake to feel better Improvede digestions and decreased bloating

What Britney says:

I reached out to Krista when I started to gain weight through graduate school and was becoming very uncomfortable. I was between doing the Whole 30 or trying the Nutritionist route. I was able to chat with Krista and talk to her about my goals, and even told her I was thinking about the Whole 30.

What I appreciated the most was that she did not discourage me from doing it, she told me the pros and the cons of the diet and how she can help better my eating choices without all the restrictions of Whole 30 but was supportive in whichever way I went.

I decided to sign up with Krista and I have never looked back!! She gives us good food, listens to our requests, works with recipes we already have, and works on our favorite foods. She never makes me feel bad about making unhealthy choices, having a cheat meal, or gaining weight. She is always encouraging and the first to remind me that weight fluctuates and to not be discouraged. This is truly a way of eating healthy, eating good tasting food, and not being hungry!



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

This week I tried on my uniform I wore before baby and they actually buttoned up! A month ago I couldn’t at all! I went up a size in my blouse and my trousers so this is a huge win right now for me!

Overall I am feeling really good. Less bloated feeling and gross feeling. More energy and motivation to lose weight and live healthily! This week I started putting in my meals before eating them. As the week progressed I was able to see where I needed less (fats) and more (carbs/protein).



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

In 2 weeks I’ve saved over 50% on takeout and groceries! Thanks to having a plan! With that money I made an extra car payment!

I’m prioritizing my sleep which helps me with my stress and improves my performance!

Plus, losing weight and eating more during quarantine :)

There is a direct correlation to a bad nights sleep and the scale. Thee are also the days where I crave junk. Knowing that this is normal and all stemming from a lack of sleep helps me to navigate though the cravings.



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

The photos along with the accountability and planning have really helped me focus and stay on track.

I really want to be healthy and fit! I feel so much better mentally and physically after just one week!

I have to say I am really excited to do your program! I certainly wasn’t expecting everything that you have already shared. I am very impressed. I’ve never had a personal trainer with such a defined and well-designed program!



1:1 Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching Client

Thanks to an awesome coaching call I have built out a plan to get back to where I want to be and HOW to stay that way!

Even though the weight loss has been more slow than in the past (which would have driven me crazy before), I feel like it’s making me more comfortable in my own skin!

I don’t feel like I have the negative mindset that I did before about my body because I know I am contnuously working to be better.


Here’s what members of my health & fitness accountability groups had to say about their experience!




I have learned that if I just pay attention to my body, I don't need sweets or emotional food. Protein is key in our good health. I most liked the idea of add to our meals instead of a restrictive plan for healthy eating. Thank you so much!!!




Finding recipes to make instead of not eating processed food. Also trying to not self sabotage.




I think the Biggest Takeaway for me was to just take it small steps at a time you can’t do everything at once. I think the one thing I will continue to implement is working to try and add healthy things into my diet versus focusing on taking away things. I think overall that has really helped in these last several weeks.




I learned that small changes over time will make a big impact on my health! I loved the support from everyone and helping us to see the positive sides of our individual journey vs focusing on the negative. I also learned that having a solid Why is so so important to stick with my goals. They mean more when I’ve taken the time to really think about my goals and why I want to achieve them!


It’s 100% possible to take your favorite recipes and make them healther. While still making the kids happy!

She learned how to make her kids favorite Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole HEALTHY!




November lessions learned: focusing on changing my ind set from being “restricted” and more to enjoy in moderation. Making sure I move my body some whether it’s parking at the end of the parking lot or walking around my house. I loved the new recipes and great ideas tips and trick in the group!




Reduce processed foods and look for more Whole Foods! Focus on voluminous foods to help me feel fuller! It’s okay to treat myself sometimes and have a balance. Hydration is so important, gotta keep it up. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and providing motivation and inspiration towards a healthier, happier lifestyle!!




I've really enjoyed this group, even if I haven't been super active! I've enjoyed hearing others experiences, seeing others wins and reading others work through their unique situations. Personally I've loved your information on how to rework recipes to make them work for your specific macros! This has been such a helpful skill, and I feel like it's opened up a whole new world of foods that I can eat while sticking to my goals. Thank you Krista!!!




I loved the video I watched here or maybe on IG explaining your coaching approach! It was explaining about the meal plan’s intent...not being for us to continue having to depend on a meal plan written for us, but to be able to learn to make the choices on our own for life as well as if we forget to pack a meal and get caught out...knowing what to choose as not to hinder our goals! Thanks!!




Always learning to focus on getting enough calories as well as making small changes for big results!! Enjoyed all the info!




I’m my own worst enemy so make baby steps and set myself up for success.

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