10 ways to increase your protein

protein ready-made staples tips and tricks Mar 18, 2022

The truth is we all know we need more protein. But how do we ACTUALLY get more protein?

The reason behind this is that protein usually requires some form of cooking or preparation. There are not as many grab-and-go options. So unless you've already cooked it and have it ready, it can be hard to meet your daily protein needs.

Getting in enough protein everyday can be a challenge.  Here are some tips to increase your protein intake.

Eat more.  Increase your portion size, instead of having 2-3 ounces, maybe have 4-6 ounces.  There are no rules for serving sizes, if it feels good to you to have a little more, then do that :)

Add some egg whites to your breakfast.  1 whole large egg gas 70 calories and 6g protein.  1 large egg white has 17 calories, and 5g protein.  By adding even 1 extra egg white to your breakfast you are going to increase your protein with minimal calories and no added fat.  My usual ratio is 1 whole egg, and about 3 ounces of egg whites.

Greek Yogurt.  There are SO MANY kinds of Greek yogurt out there, but here are some ones that I personally enjoy as well as my clients.

Oikos Triple Zero - 100 calories and 15g protein
Oikos Pro - 140 calories and 20g protein

Chobani no sugar added - 60 calories and 11g protein

Bone Broth.  There are many added health benefits to bone broth, but this is a very simple swap.  You can use this in place of broth or stock in any recipe.  You can also warm it up in a mug in the evening to have something warm to sip on while meeting your protein goals.  Bone broth is usually around 45 calories and 9g of protein per cup!

Collagen.  Now, you have to be careful about this one since there are no regulations around supplements, but collagen is naturally found in our bodies, and has become very popular in the last few years.  I personally mix collagen in my morning greens, but many of my clients blend it into their coffee.  The collagen that I use is by 1st Phorm, and it has 15g protein per serving.  If you are purchasing in store, I always recommend Vital Proteins.  Theirs is 20g per serving.  I have tried all the fruity flavored powders and enjoyed them.  They also now sell collagen waters to try.

Roasted Edamame. These are roasted and dried.  They are so crunchy and delish.  They sell them in the individual packs that are perfect for travel or lunches.  1 serving is 140 calories and 14g protein.

Chickpea Pasta. They sell different varieties of this, black bean, edamame, etc.  As you know my favorite is the chickpea variety.  They look and taste just like normal pasta.  I promise.  Even my picky husband eats these without complaint.  1 serving is 190 calories and 14g protein.  (Regular pasta on average is about 200 calories and 7g protein)

Pork Rinds. Shocking I know.  These Epic Brand BAKED Pork rinds are DELISH.  Do not sleep on these.  they are salty, crunchy, and meaty... if that's a word...  But 1 serving is 70 calories and 11g protein.

Protein Tortillas.  There are many varieties of protein infused breads, wraps, etc.  This protein tortilla as 12g protein per wrap.  Use this to make wraps, tacos, quesadillas, and rollups to boost the protein content even more.

Protein Pancake Mix. I don't just use this for pancake mix, I also use this for muffins and other baking needs.  mixed with just water you get 15g protein per serving, but if you add milk and an egg it can bump it up to 20g.  Have this in addition to the rest of your breakfast and you will hit your protein goal in no time!


I hope these 10 tips help you to reach your protein goals!  Let me know which one is your favorite!

If you're curious how much protein you should be eating, check out this post!

Talk soon, 

Coach Krista