Are you getting in enough protein?

healthy snacks protein tips and tricks Jan 18, 2022
It’s no secret that the average person is not eating enough protein. Carbs and fats are quick and easy, but protein tends to take a little more work.
Here are 4 ways to increase your protein intake!
1. Add an egg white to your morning breakfast!
2. Reduced-fat cheese as a snack or on top of your meal
3. Increase Portion Size: You can have more than 4 oz in a sitting. Or, when eating out, ask for an extra serving on top of your meal!
4. Leaner Cuts of Meat have less saturated fat, and therefore you can eat more for the same amount of calories!

I remember when I first was getting into this lifestyle, I was SO overwhelmed when I started looking into supplements.


Who needs a protein supplement, or why should you take one?  


These are meant to increase the amount of protein in your diet; that’s it. Drinking protein alone will not make you bulky or ripped. And as always, getting your protein from food is always preferred.  


SO DO NOT REPLACE ALL OF YOUR MEALS WITH SHAKES. I cringe when people tell me that is their weight loss plan. That is not sustainable or healthy.

 How much protein do we need?

As a general rule, you should get at least 1 gram of protein per your LBM (lean body mass) weight in pounds. For most people, your LBM is close to your ideal weight. There are a ton of free calculators online that can help guide you through calculating your LBM.  


So, if your LBM is 145 pounds, then you should consume around 145g of protein. For most people, reaching their protein target is something they struggle with; this is where a protein shake could be beneficial.


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Talk soon, 

Coach Krista