Meal Prep Simplified. 1 Ingredient. 4 ways.

protein recipes tips and tricks Aug 21, 2023


This week we are talking about pork roast. They are usually fairly inexpensive, a crowd-pleaser, and virtually no work is required. You can just put it in your crockpot and go. You could also use this same approach with a beef roast if pork isn't your thing.

The key to being able to repurpose your protein in several ways is to cook with very neutral seasonings. For me, that means garlic salt, and pepper usually.


  1. First, get a roast, and put it to cook overnight in your crockpot with basic seasonings.
  2. In the morning, remove the layer of fat on the top, and shred the pork.
  3. Save the juice for later. (See the KK Method Tips at the bottom.)

Here's my 1 Ingredient 4 Meals for the week...

MONDAY: shredded pork tacos. Set up your taco bar and rewarm the pork in the oven. It will get a little crispy on top! Use the leftover juice to add flavor when you are cooking your rice and beans. Or, take the shortcut of microwave rice, and canned refried beans. You can warm the beans in the oven with the pork. Add the juice to them if you want to thin them out.

KK Method Tip: Make double of what you think you want for this, so you can use it for enchiladas later in the week.


TUESDAY: BBQ pork sandwiches. Put some potatoes in the oven to bake, and warm the pork for the last 20-30 minutes. Heat up some frozen veggies when it's about 5 min from being done. Top with your favorite BBQ sauce. No need for buns, just use the bread you already have ;) Keep it simple.


WEDNESDAY: Pork Nourish bowls. Think of these as a taco bar style. The base of this is greens of some sort, then add your toppings. You can use leftover rice and beans for a taco-style bowl, you can add quinoa, avocado, and roast other veggies. There are no rules here! Warm the pork in the oven while you are gathering the rest of your ingredients.


THURSDAY: Transform those leftovers from taco night into enchiladas. Mix all the leftovers together, wrap in tortillas, and top with enchilada sauce.


BONUS: Add some pork to your eggs in the morning, top with salsa. You can wrap it in a tortilla for a breakfast taco or burrito!


Now while I encourage my clients to eat a variety of protein sources during the week, this was just an example of how you can transform one ingredient in multiple ways.


Want to see some of my favorite pantry staples that are high in protein?  Check those out here.


Talk soon, 
Coach Krista